The Peru Cacao Alliance has brought together over 30 private sector actors, among businesses and cooperatives, with whom we develop the technical assistance model for the cultivation of cacao, the largest in Latin America.

Our Partners

The Peru Cacao Alliance has a Private Sector Partner Committee led by Jose San Martin, general manager of Exportadora ROMEX. Meetings with the committee are held each year (suppliers of agricultural technology, inputs, financing and cocoa buyers), to talk about the progress made with regard to the joint work carried out nationwide.

For the Alliance, partners are separated into 4 categories based on their nature:

Technology Partners/Input Suppliers

Companies that render services and provide products that allow technology to be brought to farming families: fertilizers, organic compost, agricultural machinery and irrigation and fertigation.

Financial Partners

Are such entities (companies, banks or cooperatives) that offer financial products and services directed to the agricultural sector, which will allow farming families to invest in technology and inputs to improve the cacao productivity.

Partner Aggregators

Companies or cooperatives that group a number of farming families maximizing efforts in technical support, as the number of male and female cacao farmers and their location per region have been identified. Partner aggregators are also responsible for carrying out post-harvest operations, so we work with them to develop protocols to enhance the quality of the cacao, thus obtaining a differentiated offer of this product.

Market/Buying Partners

Cacao-buying companies; they may also be export companies as well as chocolate-manufacturing companies (local and international) that buy cacao from the regions in which the Alliance operates.