Pedro Gonzales Mundaca Reategui
Jr. Gonzáles Prada 123 San Miguel, Lima - Perú

Yara began its operations in Peru on June 13, 2011, operating mainly from the city of Lima, and an initial presence in the cities of Chiclayo, Cajamarca and Jaén, focusing on rice and coffee crops. After this beginning, the operations extended to San Martin in mid-2012, and to the central coast of Peru, around the same time. Yara’s presence in Peru first began with YaraMila, YaraLiva and YaraVera, for crops such as coffee, potato, rice, maize, vegetables and fruit trees, increasing its presence in the agricultural market in Peru.

Integration with Fertilizantes Misti

As of October 1, 2014, Fertilizantes Misti, one of the most important companies in the Peruvian market, begins its integration with Yara International, strengthening the large-scale work projected for the company and agriculture in Peru. This is an important milestone that clears the way for a greater development of Yara in Latin America and the contribution to agriculture, the growth of the industrial sector and mining in the region.

Knowledge increases…

“We are confident in the growth of agriculture in Peru and we want to help the development of farmers to boost their crops and generate profitability,” said Olaf Hektoen – Manager of the Business Unit for Latin America (excluding Brazil) of Yara International ASA.