Root Capital

Root Capital
Torre El Pilar, Oficina 901 Av. Camino Real 348 San Isidro Lima 27, Perú

In order to tackle some of the most important challenges in the world – the power supply for the future, preserving the planet and ensuring peace – we must focus on 2,000 million people. That is the amount of rural population that lives on less than $2 a day. Many of them work in farming which serves to feed the rest of the world, but they themselves do not have enough to eat. Additionally, many of them live in isolated areas, hundreds of miles from the markets where they sell their products, and do not have roads, infrastructure or adequate transportation to reach them.

Root Capital seeks to improve the lives of the rural producers by connecting them with the formal economy. We invest in the growth of agricultural companies so that these can serve as generators of positive change in their communities. These companies buy products such as coffee, cocoa or basic grains from thousands of small agricultural producers. In addition, they connect their members with markets and help them improve their farming practices.

With growth, these companies become engines of positive impact that can improve  income and create jobs, empower women and young people, protect vulnerable ecosystems, and promote peace.