Pagos Digitales Peruanos PDP

Pagos Digitales Peruanos PDP
Miguel Arce
Calle Uno Oeste 031, Urb. Corpac, San Isidro, Lima, Perú

A company that offers a unique and innovative solution compared to other models globally. It is made up of financial institutions such as banks, municipal and rural savings bank, financial entities, Small and Micro Business Development Entities (EDPYMES, for its acronym in Spanish), and electronic money-issuing companies, among others.

It is a private sector initiative which brings together over 30 electronic money-issuing companies, organized and invested to develop a unique technological platform that will allow for interoperability between issuers and between telecommunications companies, developing a new means of payment, so that all Peruvians can continue doing the same thing, but in more efficient, fast and safe way.