Transform the lives of our customers and collaborators through financial inclusion, thus promoting Peru’s growth.


To be the recognized partner of micro and small business clients, the main promoter of financial inclusion in the country and a global reference, bringing together a team of talented collaborators with a sense of transcendence.

Cultural Principles

Integrity in all our actions

Our actions are a reflection of our honesty and are supported by our transparent and ethical behavior both within and outside the company, with clients, collaborators, suppliers, shareholders, regulators, and in a broad sense, with the whole of society.

We achieve results by working as a team, with quality and efficiency

We generate an environment of trust in which teams collaborate with each other, and where there is open and horizontal communication. This way teams are committed to achieving the results we set out to reach as an organization,  managing with quality and efficiency.

We manage risks responsibly

We are responsible for the risks that we undertake and we implement actions to control them, to honor the trust our clients and shareholders have placed in us, and to contribute to the stability of the financial system.

We are passionate about serving our clients responsibly

All our efforts are aimed at meeting our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, building sustainable, close and trustworthy relationships that will ensure their development.

“We are committed to the development of our people”

We promote the development of our collaborators through close, committed and transparent leaders, who lead by example and create spaces for learning and equal opportunities.

We are pioneers and we promote change

Our commitment to financial inclusion drives us to always be a step ahead, promoting change with a positive and flexible attitude.

ión financiera nos impulsa a estar siempre un paso adelante, promoviendo el cambio con actitud positiva, flexible y ágil.