Financiera Confianza

We are a leading microfinance entity, with presence in all regions of the country, and with over 20 years’ experience in the sector. We are part of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation.

Our mission is to build sustainable development opportunities for vulnerable families in Peru, by contributing with our specialty and methodology: Productive Finance.

We are the product of the merger of the savings bank Caja Nuestra Gente – which in turn was born from the acquisition of Caja Rural NorPerú, Caja Rural del Sur and Edpyme Crear Tacna –, and the former Financiera Confianza, two financial entities with extensive experience and an important national coverage.

Financiera Confianza currently has over a million and a half clients who hail from 1,335 of the 1838 districts nationwide. We are, therefore, the microfinance network with the greatest rural reach in the entire country.

Thanks to our Productive Finance methodology, Financiera Confianza has managed to have a real impact on our clients who have experienced an improvement in the quality of life of their families over the years we have been with them. This way, and because we are responsible for the granting of our financial products, we have the best quality portfolio of the Peruvian microfinance system.

Financiera Confianza is part of the Fundación Microfinanzas BBVA, a non-profit entity created in 2007 by the BBVA Group within the framework of its corporate social responsibility, in order to promote the sustainable and inclusive economic and social development of vulnerable people through Productive Finance.

Fundación Microfinanzas BBVA is fully autonomous from the BBVA Group, both in its legal personality as in its government and management. It invests its resources in the integration and development of microfinance institutions in Latin America, whose profits are reinvested in the Foundation’s own activity, without any return for BBVA.

Currently, the Foundation caters to a portfolio of almost 2 million clients and has delivered a volume of loans of over 10,700 million dollars to low-income entrepreneurs, through its microfinance institutions group.

The entities that make up the Fundación Microfinanzas BBVA are: Banco de las Microfinanzas-Bancamía (Colombia); Financiera Confianza (Peru); Banco Adopem (Dominican Republic); Fondo Esperanza y Emprende Microfinanzas (Chile) and Microserfin (Panama).

In addition to the consolidation of this group of entities specialized in Productive Finance, the Foundation works to promote the transformation of the microfinance sector, through initiatives in areas such as the promotion of good corporate governance, training, women’s empowerment or social measurement.