COOPAC Tocache

COOPAC Tocache
Jr. San Martín N° 231 Tocache – San Martín

COOPACT was organized on May 15, 1976 and recognized by the Fifth Region of SINAMOS with Resolution No. 0033-77-OAE-ORAMS-V, dated October 6, 1977, registered in item No. 11000150 in the Co-operatives book of the Registry of Legal Entities, Registration Area No. III, Moyobamba – Juanjui Registry Office, San Martín.

The co-op is headquartered at Jr. San Martin No. 231, Tocache, in the Province of Tocache, in the region of San Martín. The co-op is governed by the General Cooperatives Act, D.S. 074 074-90-TR, and the regulations issued by the Superintendence of Banking and Insurance for cooperative organizations not authorized to operate with public resources, its bylaws and General Assembly agreements.

The cooperative is a non-profit, private legal entity of variable capital of indefinite duration and limited liability, with an unlimited number of members; based on net worth and the contributions subscribed and paid-in.

We have over 40 years’ work experience in the microfinance sector offering savings, credit and in particular social benefits in the service of our members and with presence in 8 markets located in Tocache, Nuevo Bambamarca, Nuevo Progreso, Santa Lucía, Tingo María, Aucayacu, Uchiza and Juanjuí.