Central Cacao de Aroma

Central Cacao de Aroma
Pedro Gonzales Mundaca Reategui
Jr. Tocache N° 711. Tocache, San Martín; Perú

Central de Cooperativas Cacao de Aroma is a second-tier cooperative, made up of six cooperatives located in the province of Tocache, San Martín, and the village of Paradise, Huánuco, in the Peruvian Amazon grouping over 1,000 cacao-growing

member families, working under the principle of sustainable and organic, fair trade agriculture.

Cooperativa Central Cacao de Aroma was founded by 6 co-ops in March of 2014, with 3 specific purposes:

1.- Be a marketing channel.

2.- Search for sources of financing such as working capital with interest rates that help improve its profitability.

3.- Be a platform to develop large-scale Productive Projects that help solve the common needs of its members.

Our goals are to: Practice an economy of scale and together have bargaining power.

Our founding and base co-ops are:

CAU – Cooperativa Agroindustrial Uchiza Ltda.

COOPA – Cooperativa Agroindustrial de Paraiso Ltda – Huánuco.

COPACANP – Cooperativa Agroindustrial Cordillera Azul de Nuevo Progreso Ltda.

CPCACAO – Cooperativa Agroindustrial CPcacao de Nuevo Horizonte Tocache Ltda.

COPAVAMI – Cooperativa Agraria del Valle del Mishollo Ltda.

NUEVA VISIÓN – Asociación de Productores de Cacao – Cachiyacu Polvora