Jorge Simon Collama
Jr. Víctor Raúl Haya De La Torre N° 246

Cooperativa Agroindustrial Cacao Alto Huallaga began as an association of producers known as “Asociación de Productores Cacao Alto Huallaga,” which was founded on August 15, 2009, registered in the Peruvian Public Registry, Registration Area No. VIII, Huancayo, Tingo Maria registry office, registered in Item No. 1101263, title 2009-00005593, of ledger 033, dated September 15, 2009.

In 2016 it managed to become the Association to Cooperativa Agroindustrial Cacao Alto Huallaga – APCAH, and currently has 360 members distributed in 5 areas that comprise the regions of Huanuco, San Martín and Ucayali.

Agriculture is the main economic activity of the co-op’s members, primarily focused on the production of bread products for self-consumption and marketing. As an alternative for income generation, the cooperative promotes the production and marketing of UTZ Certified, organic and Fairtrade cacao, which has five stockpiling centers located strategically in the localities of:

  1. Tingo Maria
  2. Aucayacu
  3. Nuevo Progreso
  4. Tocache
  5. San Alejandro

The stockpiling centers have been established to bring advisory and processing services to its members to guarantee the homogeneity of the product’s quality.

These centers are equipped with the necessary instruments that allow to obtain good-quality products. There are areas in which they are being implemented since their life period rendered them unusable; this is why new tools are being developed with more advanced technology to ensure durability.

In the past year, co-op members have been developing skills and knowledge in organic agriculture, agronomic management of cacao, organizational development and business management for which have had the support of CAICAH’s Organic Cocoa Program, which was self-financed.